Common Questions

When starting something new, such as going to a therapist, hairdresser, or doctor for the first time, it often feels similar to the first day of school. You walk in not sure where to sit, followed by awkward greetings before getting down to business. Guess what–I know that feeling too.

The goal of this page is to decrease those jitters by explaining some aspects in advance.

“I think I might want to talk with you…maybe. What do I do next?”


  1. Fill out the CONTACT form.
  2. Choose the method of contact-text, email, or phone for me to respond.
  3. You will get a response letting you know I received your message.
  4. We will schedule a FREE brief consultation for 10-15 minutes on the phone to get acclimated with each other & see if we are a good fit for success.
  5. Schedule initial session.

''What happens in our first meeting? Do I talk and you listen then, you tell me how to fix it?''

Short Answer:Sort of. The format will be conversational as opposed to either one of us doing monologues. My tone is direct, warm, humorous, and most importantly well-intentioned.

I don’t fix things, some one far more equipped than me will be doing that-YOU. Like an acorn, everything you need is inside. Think of me as your navigator guiding the paths that you walk.

By the end of each session, the goal is for you to not only have a greater understanding of your current concern but tools for accelerated forward progress that you can start using immediately.

''Can you help me with...''

Short Answer: Probably. I work with many of life’s surprises and changes that may arise.  Life, the universe, and everything, that causes frustration or lack of progress are areas I commonly work with. For more specifics look under the SERVICES tab.

How often do I need to come in and how long are sessions?

Short Answer:Once a week is common in the beginning. Over time you may decide to go to every other week or once a month.

Sessions vary in length depending upon the situation, expect around 50 minutes (couples’ first session may be 75 minutes)

How many sessions will it take?

Short Answer: It depends-not the answer you were looking for, but it is the truth. There are many factors that contribute to the pace and depth of success.

  • Ability to adapt to change-you will learn methods to assist in the acceleration of change and sustaining the new skills
  • If you are coming in for one specific issue or a few gray areas
  • What your goals are
  • Motivation level

You have all of these in spades right? Don’t worry if not. You may not be feeling overly eager at the moment or excited about the current situation –we will work through it together.

Realistically, you will likely leave feeling a sense of relief after the first appointment. The first appointment is a big step and likely a weight off your shoulders. Taking action feels good doesn’t it?

The time frame is usually weeks and not years to navigate your current situation. The goal is for you to be empowered to face challenges with confidence. We will work quickly! There are no shortcuts, just discovering a more direct route to success. However it will take time and practice to maintain your new found skills.

What kind/method of therapy do you practice?

Short Answer: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) based methods including Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). I like these methods because the skills used can be applied to situations beyond the one you come in for and have a broad positive impact long term.

CBT & REBT theories are based upon the impact of the words we tell ourselves–“I MUST”, “NO ONE will ever want me”, and “IF I DON’T _______ then horrific things will happen that cannot be undone”. Those phrases, are the “bad guys”. Wonderful news though-they are not that difficult tackle once you learn how. I will be inviting these voices to join us as we talk to clear things up that they have likely been distorting.

My ________ refuses to go to therapy...

Short Answer: Not a big deal at all-seriously. No need trying to force someone, YOU will still gain benefits.

I am a strong advocate for not forcing things on people. Think about it, how often has it turned out to be the best method to get a desired outcome? Visions of baby food splattered on the floor comes to my mind and political rants on social media among friends.

Still think ________ MUST attend? The focus will be YOU and the untapped powers you have to control YOUR own universe. There are far more options available when you are the one in charge!

STILL think _______ MUST attend? (we will address this “mustness”) We can discuss these concerns in a session together and by the end of that session, have some goals in place. Sound good?

I don't want to be ganged up on

Short Answer: Me either!

If you are hoping that I will act as a judge, jury, or other punishment giving entity…bad news-my degrees are in psychology not judicial law. Blame does not move us forward or yield productive results. Our sessions are not to identify who is the bad guy or good guy.

If  you or someone you care about is concerned about this, drop me a message and we can discuss before the first session!

Do you accept insurance

Short Answer: No, but my rate is often close to what many pay out-of-pocket if they have not met the insurance deductible.

What is your rate?

Short Answer: Usually  $90 for an Individual  50 minute session and $120 for Couples 50 minute session.  I also frequently do 75 minute sessions, they are great if  you are not able to make it in very often and have a specific situation you want to focus on, the rate is typically $120.
There can be some exceptions, some higher, some lower. I do not limit anyone to a 50 minute session-if you want to go 75 minutes, we can do that-just ask and I can explain!  (Insurance does not often allow this kind of flexibility) 

I am able to do some sliding scale (reduced rate) sessions, but cannot guarantee availability to do so. Don’t hesitate to send me an email, and let’s see what we can figure out. I can also help find resources that fit your needs if you need sliding scale and I am unable to help. Yes, I really will respond and I do really have reduced rates when appropriate based upon client needs-single parent, college student, etc… : )

What if I want to use my insurance though?

Same with insurance, I work with therapists that accept BlueCross BlueShield among other insurance companies-just ask and I can refer you to them.

I am planning on accepting insurance mid-2020! Details soon!