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I graduated from the University of Houston-Victoria, with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Psychology. I am licensed in the state of Texas as an  LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor). June 6 2020 sitting 2

A few other areas I work in/with currently:  Assessments- Psychological Evaluations and Substance Use Evaluations for Denton County Probationary Services. I also work at Haven Behavioral Hospital of Frisco working with patients to stabilize and navigate mental health care, depression, and substance abuse.

Prior to working with you great folks, I worked in the field of Industrial/Organizational Psychology (business/workplace psychology) doing assessments and consulting. I continue my I/O work through Life Coaching and Business consulting on topics ranging from associate engagement, analyzing data to understand performance, to process improvement.

I enjoy aiding people in making their lives less overwhelming and a lot more productive and fulfilling. I have never had a boring day on the job yet!


harry potter setI am a wife, mom, daughter, sister, and a Ravenclaw. I love to read, travel, and play games-video, board, mobile-you name it.An Upright Hockey Puck Isolated on White Background I have a quirky sense of humor and have no fear of yelling at hockey games-Go Stars!!!

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In person sessions are available as well as telehealth. Here is a sneak peek of the office.