(Note to Teens is below!)

High school leaves an impression on you doesn’t it?RedShoes.jpgNo matter if currently enrolled, or celebrating 20 year reunion, the words “high school” evoke a strong reaction. So many firsts–first crush, first heartbreak, first car to name a few. All of these new things and heightened emotions thanks to hormones keeping things lively.

I bring all of this up because it is so easy to lose perspective as an adult, especially when we are trying desperately to help our teen. Sounds counter productive right, that the strong desire to help would lead to losing of focus?

It can be painful to watch someone you love more than anything struggle with pain. I have been there-teenage years are tricky. Let’s see if I can help.

Please have your teen read the message below-they are a part of this too and their opinion counts on if they think I could be a good fit for them.

How do I bring “this” up to my teen?

Tough question to answer not knowing how things are between you. A good start could be “I love you. Take a look at this link and let me know what you think.” Keep it simple and allow space for dialogue.

If you would like to talk before approaching your teen, we can talk. Click here


Hello-I know this is weird, but bear with me for a minute. I wanted to talk with you and

Grey wool socks isolated on white

not just parents. Life can feel very…big at times-so much going on and all at once. I was a teen too once-shocker huh. The pressure to “be fill-in-the-blank” is constant. We can talk about how to handle the bossy voice in your head that demands you be perfect–BTW the voice is wrong. I just wanted to say hi and that I would love to chat with you, about whatever you like.

Below here is a list of some frequent topics that come up-take a peek. 

Yes, the socks mean something! We will discuss when we chat.

Common Topics 

Feeling anxious             Self-esteem
Social issues                  Teen pregnancy
Life in general               New in town
Divorce                           Depression
Relationships                 Difficulty at home
Gaming (I am not anti-gaming. I am for creating balance)