You may feel like you are indeed in a “relationship” and want something more.

Milk , glass , cookie , isolated

Well, that is not what we are going for is it–being two or more concepts that are connected?! Surely there is more to gain than the same depth of meaning  bleu cheese has with buffalo wings–we can at least aim for milk and cookies!

I use the Gottman Method for couples. I find this approach to be a great mix of “the best of the best” theory wise. We will talk, listen, assess, laugh, and grow!

You likely have many questions, that is expected. I will answer some below and as always, feel free to contact me so we can talk (or text or email).

Common Premarital Topics

Considering engagement
Engaged and wanting to prepare relationship for upgrade to marriage
Communication methods specific to you both (not generic communication advice)
Life goal check-up to make sure all are on the same page

Common Marriage/Relationship TopicsiStock-864549510.jpg

Not getting along
Not getting it on
Disconnected, but want things to be better
Disconnected-not sure what we want outcome to be
One wants to work it out, the other is not so sure
Nothing is bad, but we want it to be better
Difficulty communicating
Emotional infidelity
Avoiding conflict/issues
Grief & loss
Trust issues
New parents
Newly empty nesters

How do sessions work with two people?

Both parties will be given the space to talk. We will not be here to settle arguments-that is not the tone here. The goal is working on WE-clarifying what WE means and how WE interacts with each other.

I am not sure our relationship can be fixed–can it be?

Technically speaking, yes it is absolutely possible to repair almost anything with the right resources and time. The repair or rejuvenation of your situation lies within you. “Fixed” may also come in a package that you did not expect-there are many possible roads that lead to what we will define as success–this is excellent news by the way!

I am not sure if I want to stay married, are you going to try to convince me that I should?

Nope. This is a big decision and it is not mine. I am here to assist you through the process of thinking things through. I want you to be confident in the choices you make.

Resources for Couples