Sometimes things go sideways, sometimes things go upside down, and sometimes things stay put and we feel like we go sideways.

Feelings of anxiousness can suffocate a mind leaving one feeling paralyzed in the situation. Depression can consume thoughts leading to isolation from the joy we know is out there, but feels far away. Things start to feel numb and colorless…

See how I keep using the word “feel”? You are not physically further from the amusement park, it may feel like it though. We will unpack this idea further once we get to talking.iStock-179251493.jpg

The things we tell ourselves can often determine our actions or inaction. We will discuss how thoughts good and bad impact how we feel. For example, did you know that anxiousness is a form of internal stage fright–the fear of a situation going in a direction we dislike. Make sense?

Common Topics

Difficulty coping
Feeling stuck
Stress at work, home, school
Career concerns
Changes in life
“I should feel happy, but I don’t”
Feeling overwhelmed
Relationships-Newly single, “still” single, & Dating post-divorce
New to adulting-the struggle is real
“Don’t feel like myself anymore, I am not sure why”
“Life is great, but I feel overwhelmed”